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SCM attend field workshop on chemical and oilfield chemicals
2016-04-28 16:26:15

     HC plastic mesh News: May 28, 2014 – 30th , Hosted by the National Council of oilfield chemistry application "11th of oilfield chemistry application development seminar and other oilfield auxiliary chemical and oilfield chemicals, water treatment chemicals promotion Conference" held in Suzhou.

     from petroleum , Sinopec, CNOOC, and Yanchang petroleum and shale gas development business, oilfield chemicals manufacturing enterprises, research institutes and universities nearly 60 of the more than more than 100 guests attended. The experts, leaders and technicians introduce oilfield chemicals and drilling, fracturing, oil production, enhanced oil recovery, gas treatment, water treatment and transportation research in the field of application of, the present situation and trend of development of oilfield chemicals made a speech.

     appears in the current application of oilfield chemicals and technical study, SCM of oilfield chemicals and technology integrates the latest meeting, formed the ZR/TI acid esters, fluoro surfactants, silica Sol products as the Guide, supported by special plastic parts and special lubricating products and technical service solutions and are committed to providing a complete industrial chain of oil and gas fields to the Terminal application supporting products, To enhance the overall level of oilfield chemistry technique. Through this seminar, SCM communicate face to face with the industry, summarize and exchange the field of oilfield chemicals research results, product information and application experience, further explores the chemical research and technology development.

     of oilfield chemistry plays a very important role in the oil industry, applications in oil exploration, drilling, production, transportation, water, transportation, refining, and all other processes. Oilfield chemicals consist of minerals, inorganic chemical products, Organic chemical products, natural materials, polymer materials. With the energy industry restructuring, shale gas, shale oil, Coalbed methane, tight gas and other unconventional oil and gas resources development, demand for oil-field chemicals will continue to grow.

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